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Joint Stamp Issue - Siamese issue

Category - Sight
Subcategory -  Joint Stamp Issues Siamese issue

Canada 2006 Washington 2006 WPE - 1606 Voyage of Samuel de Champlain 

Issue date 28 May 2006

This Joint Issue by Canada and USA as part of honouring 400 years of French settlement on the American continent, Canada Post and USPS released a special souvenir sheet with US domestic stamps and Canada domestic stamps on the same sheet during the World Philatelic Exhibition at Washington 2006. The stamps features a barque, a small, two-masted sailing ship built by the French to explore coastal waters too shallow for their larger ocean vessels.

The stamps honour the voyage of Samuel de Champlain in 1606 who charted the Eastern coast from Nova Scotia's Port-Royal south to Cape Cod during the fall of 1606. Champlain never returned to this coast, but his maps broke ground for later adventurers.

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