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Austria 2016 Dirndl Embroidery Stamp

Issue date 22 September 2016 

Post AG has issued the worlds first silhouette embroidered self adhesive stamp of a Dirndl. A Dirndl is a traditional women dress worn in Austria, South Tyrol and Bavaria which is based on the traditional clothing of Alps peasants.

Each Dirndl stamp, made by Hammerle & Vogel, used three thread colors: red, green and white, forming the embroidered silhouette.The blouse is made in off-white thread while the apron was done in the same color but using a different stitch.

The country name “Austria” is stitched in red down the right side of the stamp, starting at the bottom of the green bow. Like the bow on the apron, the 6.30 denomination was stitched with eye-catching green threads.

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