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Stamps with Thermochromic Ink Printing - Update

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Spain 2016 School Civic Values - Solidarity Stamps with thermochromic ink printing

Issue date 21 September 2016

Solidarity is an attitude that is learned in the classroom at an early age. It involves showing attachment to others in certain causes and sharing their interests and needs. Solidarity implies affection, support, empathy and brings a feeling of brotherhood.

Correos Spain has issued a special sheet with 6 stamps printed with thermochromic ink which contains a word search jumble of spanish words which emphasises the solidarity values like “help the sick”, “help the disabled”, “against abuse”, “help the elderly”, “help the needy”, and “against racism”. These spanish words appear in the word search jumble when a finger is run across each stamps and other words around these solidarity words disappear when pressed by the finger. 

Spoiler Alert

The spanish words in the word search jumble are 
“con los enfermos” - “help the sick”, 
“con la discapacidad” -  “help the disabled” , 
“contra el maltrato” - “against abuse”, 
“con la tercera edad” - “help the elderly” , 
“con los necesitados” - “help the needy” , 
“contra el racismo” - “against racism”

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