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Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps - Update

Category - Sight  
Subcategory - Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps 

South Africa 2001 Bats of South Africa with glow in the dark printing

Issue date 22 June 2001

South Africa Post has issued a special stamp sheet featuring the bats of South Africa. The stamps on the sheets are self adhesive .

The bats features on the stamp sheet are 

Cape horseshoe bat 
Wahlberg's epauletted fruit bat
Egyptian Fruit Bat
Egyptian Free-tailed Bat 
Welwitsch's hairy bat
Short eared trident bat
De Wintons's long eared bat
Schreiber's long fingered bat
Common slit faced bat
Large eared free tail bat

The sheet also features phosphorous fluorescent printing on the heading and the moon glows in the dark under UV light

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