Thursday, 13 October 2016

Scented Stamps - Update

Category - Smell 
Subcategory - Scented Stamps / Stamps with Interactive (QR/Bar/Augmented Reality/C) codes  
Grenada 2011 Chocolate Theme Cocoa Export - Cocoa Scented MS 

 Issue Date 26 October 2011

Grenada Post has issued 2 sheets of Chocolate themed stamps commemorating the Export of Cocoa from the country. 

The first sheet depicts nine stamps with oval shaped chocolates while the second sheet depicts nine stamps with chocolate brownie as the theme in the usage of chocolate. The QR code in the second sheet gives one an access to a brownie recipe.

Both the sheets are printed with a Cocoa scent.

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Stamps with Interactive (QR/Bar/Augmented Reality/C) codes 

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